Welcome to Greenwood Public School. No.#1 School in Gurgaon Contact Us We at Greenwood believe in teaching young people that in diversity, there is beauty and there is strength. Best Activities in School Contact Us Greenwood is dedicated to providing our students with learning both in mind and morals. Experienced Faculty Contact Us True Education at Greenwood means Intelligence plus Character. Best C.B.S.E. School Contact Us To ensure a bright tomorrow for our students, we at Greenwood strive to start preparing them for it today. Top C.B.S.E. Result Contact Us
Primary Level')}}

Primary Level Education
(Pre - Nursery to V)

"Laying the foundation for curiosity and learning."

Primary level includes the kindergarten grades where children begin to understand visual, listening and vocal skills . This level is the foundation of a child's knowledge, skills and behavior. In the kindergarten years activities help children unfold their talents, thus enabling them to sharpen their social interaction, physical motor and communication/ language abilities using a curriculum encompassing physical activities, interactions with peers, and basic activities in identifying shapes, colors, pictures and memory games.

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Middle Level')}}

Middle Level
(VI to VIII)

Middle level Education at Greenwood entails classes from VIth grade to VIIIth grade. In this age group a child needs emotional support from the teacher,parents and their peer group. Changing physical and emotional needs are looked after by our dedicated and experienced faculty to ensure the child's healthy development and resolution of any issues that might arise from these changes in social space and mental health. In these formative years, we make sure that the children are imparted knowledge and experiences to inspire and learn to use these skills to establish better opportunities for themselves professionally and personally.

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Secondary Level')}}

Secondary Level Education
(IX to X)

"Secondary level of education offers student’s platform for specialized learning, opening up a plethora of opportunities and unlocking their potential."

Secondary education is the next important phase in our student’s life serves as an emotional bridge from teenage years to young adult as well as an academic one by providing safe and nurturing space to reap the benefits of strong foundational knowledge and apply those skills to specialized stream of coursework based on the aptitude and interest of our students.

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Senior Secondary')}}

Senior Secondary Level Education
(XI to XII)

"Senior secondary education provides students with an opportunity to excel and learn chosen fields of study, fostering specialization and expertise that will shape their future careers."

Senior Secondary education begins in Class XI and lasts until Class XII. The secondary stage is broken into two - two year cycles, generally referred to as Lower Secondary School (Classes 9 & 10) and Senior Secondary School ( Classes 11 & 12). We at Greenwood recognise that the foundation laid during primary and middle level of education assess the growth trajectory for student’s learning and skill level upgradation in later formative years (14-18 yrs.).

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Welcome To Our School

Gurgaon's Best Education In Our School

Greenwood Public School is a premier school dedicated to delivering the best education in the society, our wards with critical and analytical thinking, and instilling a sense of social and personal responsibility in our students. We at Greenwood have built an inclusive atmosphere that values diverse experiences and is intended to empower and educate students. Our long-term objective is to help raise a generation of thinkers who are proficient in understanding the coursework and experiences, not just armed with information, but also with the capacity to execute and use that information in ways that foster compassion and curiosity.
Greenwood Public School is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)


Our Amenties Offered

At Greenwood, along with stellar education programmes as well as dedicated facilities and labs, assure our students’ mental, emotional and physical growth. Along with our expansive coursework, the school encourages students to participate in a variety of curricular / co - curricular courses and activities and develop their interests in their respective areas. The School curriculum stimulates kids’ curiosity and encourages them to explore and learn.

Caring Staff

Staff Members play a crucial role in mentoring and caring for the students of the institution. Staff as well as students share responsibility for ensuring productive and rewarding mentoring relationships. Our dedicated staff provide both professional and personal advice to the students and also serve to help students balance professional goals with their personal lives or give emotional encouragement during challenging times.

Safe Environment

Since children spend eight hours per day at school, we have developed and enforced comprehensive safety policies that address various aspects of student well-being, including physical safety, emotional well-being, bullying prevention, and emergency procedures. We are aware of parents' concerns about their children's physical, mental and emotional health.To provide our kids with safe space to grow and develop, we have our school campuses under the safe gaze of CCTV’s, as well as rained staff.

Qualified Teachers

Our dedicated highly qualified and experienced faculty inspires, directs, enlightens, and motivates students for their academic growth. The school trains their staff with the latest academic tools with the help of CBSE Training schedule. In the ranks of our teaching faculty, we have certified CBSE trainers, whose responsibilities also include training faculty in other schools to the same standard of excellence that we aspire to. Read more...

Teamwork & Happiness Hub

We achieve great things with supportive team members, a positive and happy environment to grow in. Co - Curricular activities and games are a wonderful method for our students to learn cognitive and critical thinking, how to behave with their classmates, whether they’re a toddler, preschooler, or just beginning the kindergarten years. Read More...


Years of Experience


Dedicated Faculty


Happy Students


Received Awards

Our Team

Our Facilities


Our school offers a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities for students to develop their athletic talents, and show their skills from District to International level. Work together with other students and teachers to hone their physical abilities as well as teamwork and discipline. We have a dedicated faculty with facilities for basketball, Shooting, tae-kwondo, skating, badminton, handball and lawn tennis etc.

Robotics Lab

Our robotic lab has been set up to provide children with necessary tools and amenities to work in high technology. With coursework focused on programming, basics of hardware- software integration and faculty dedicated to help kids learn these important skills.


To foster the positive reading habits for kids at an early age, we provide kids with books on various genres budding their curiosity and ingenuity for learning. Our diverse collection of books on various coursework help students learn and research, increasing their knowledge and affinity to read.

Medical Room

We at Greenwood strive to provide holistic development of students by focusing and bettering their physical, emotional and social wellness. School has trained doctors and nurses with dedicated medical services for student’s welfare. We aim to keep our students healthy to help them develop, lead and learn skills necessary to achieve success in their tasks.

Safe Environment

While children spend the majority of their time at school, parents' concerns about their children's physical safety, mental and emotional health.“The onus for safety and security of children in school campus shall solely lie upon the school authorities.

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