Academic & Student Care

Student Care, Mentoring & Career Counseling

Our faculty is highly trained in taking care of our students and also ensures upliftment in the scholastic and co-scholastic areas. To put our students at ease and provide them the safe space to be vulnerable in order to make self discoveries without judgment, we have professional counselors to make sure kids are heard and their feelings are recognized and are provided with empathetic guidance and acknowledgements . To ensure all round development of kids intellectually, socially and physically our faculty provides constant attention and encouragement to our students so they can succeed in their applied professional areas. Our faculty prides on being able to provide adequate career counseling and mentoring to students.

Helping them better understand the opportunity education affords them, understanding the job market, clarify values and skills on the student’s part.

Student’s mentoring establishes a first line of communication for each student with the staff & institution. It creates a sense of oneness among students with the institution. This makes the students be self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses and take necessary remedial actions under our faculty for sure success. School provides and organizes various career counseling fairs and seminar talks, Mental Health workshops with respect to rigors of professional life catering to students in expanding their understanding of job markets and how to cope and maintain a healthy mental state while pushing forward to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Health & Wellness

We at Greenwood strive to provide holistic development of students by focusing and bettering their physical, emotional and social wellness. Through collaboration and participation of parents, students and faculty we aim to enable our students to develop, lead and learn skills necessary to achieve success in their tasks. School recognises the need for healthy nutrition to maintain a keen sense of learning and energy levels. We organize fruit breaks daily to ensure our students are getting nutrient rich diets to bolster their learning and developmental goals.


Sports play an important role in physical and emotional development of the children by having them often co-ordinate and compete with other students, as well as working on the activities with discipline and hard work. Thus ingraining these important qualities into the students to help them tackle and overcome any tasks they might face in their professional and personal lives.


Student Council

Members of the Student Council are selected every year through a formal Investiture Ceremony. This inculcates leadership qualities and team spirit through real time practice. The students learn to take up responsibility for their school and fellow mates and learn important life lessons. The young leaders not only guide but also inspire other students on how to make a difference with their strategic planning, problem-solving, organizational and communication skills.

A school prefectorial board is formed after scrutinous interviewing and selection rounds. The chosen students are honored with their respective badges as Head Girl, Head Boy, Sport Captain, School Editor, House Prefects etc.


As an integral part of the school curriculum, the school provides a holistic learning environment to the students by perfectly blending academics with appropriate co- curricular activities. Extracurricular activities render an opportunity to correlate academic skills with the real world context. Every activity carried out by the club encourages students to cultivate a different perception of life. Students get an opportunity to showcase and groom their talents. Activities conducted in schools not only benefit in shaping their interests and hobbies but also develop their leadership and social skills.

School offers variety of clubs during the whole academic session like :

Educational Clubs

STEM club, Literary and Commerce club

Performing Arts Clubs

Theater and Dance club

Community Outreach Clubs

Social service and Eco club

Creative Clubs

Eat and Greet club

Sports Clubs

Self - Defence, Athletics and Basketball Clubs