Why Greenwood

Our History

Greenwood Public School has been the brain child of S. J. Memorial Education Society (Regd.), which was formed with a focus and drive to contribute to our community by providing education to the most important asset of our nation- youngsters of India , in 1999 through combined efforts of Mr. Tara Chand Rana –a retired Headmaster, Mrs. Sarita Kumar- a renowned educationist with other society members.

"Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." - Malcolm Forbes

Their sheer brilliance and a strong will power to contribute to the humanity decided to move with this venture resulting in successfully opening their first school in 2003 and establishing the second institution in 2007 aiming at overall development of student incorporating highest ethical standards, good moral compass giving them ability to assess the right and wrong on their own, intellectual growth and academic excellence.

Greenwood Public school is a reputed senior secondary school where our dedicated faculty guide the next generation to be the responsible stewards of the world with keen understanding through the coursework  that focuses on the importance of academics, along with the teachings of sound ethics and moral code and recreation of arts. We at Greenwood have  a responsibility towards our next generation of individuals, with our stellar education programs we have relevant experience of over two decades of bringing these objectives to fruition.

Our Mission

Our Core Mission is to impart comprehensive educational coursework in a challenging, attentive and inclusive environment to bring out the maximum potential of human ingenuity and nurturing personal growth by engaging the young minds.

Our Vision

Our framework policies and workings ensure our vision of a responsible and contributing adult begins with children right from a very tender age when they are enlightened with a positive and constructive outlook towards the world through the comprehensive learning developed in the school .Thus, we aim to be in synchronization with parents to help their wards in becoming Honest, Kind, Respectful and Responsible adults who will succeed and contribute in a global community. As a result, the school’s primary mission is:


Being Honest and Having Strong Moral Principles


Having Due Regard for Others


Motivating Others to Achieve Something New and Better


Develop Valuable Qualities


A Moral Obligation to Uphold Duty Towards Oneself and Society