Middle Level Education

Middle Level Education (VI to VIII)

Middle level Education at Greenwood entails classes from VIth grade to VIIIth grade. In this age group a child needs emotional support from the teacher,parents and their peer group. Changing physical and emotional needs are looked after by our dedicated and experienced faculty to ensure the child's healthy development and resolution of any issues that might arise from these changes in social space and mental health. In these formative years, we make sure that the children are imparted knowledge and experiences to inspire and learn to use these skills to establish better opportunities for themselves professionally and personally.

We understand and recognise the need for constant attention to a child's educational, social and physical development, these are looked after by dedicated faculty and expansive coursework curated for the same goal.

Keeping that in mind we created the coursework and experiences to help students stay true to the objective to meet unique developmental needs. Our Approach is to help our young wards see that failures are acknowledged as an occasion to grow and learn. Having a growth mindset, improving one’s organization and study habits, and becoming an advocate for one’s own learning are emphasized within our curriculum. In addition, student well-being is prioritized without sacrificing intellectual rigor through our focus on athletics, health programs, and crucial skills. When the need arises, individualized learning support is offered by our middle school learning and reading specialists.