Senior Secondary Level Education

Senior Secondary Level Education (XI to XII)

"Senior secondary education provides students with an opportunity to excel and learn chosen fields of study, fostering specialization and expertise that will shape their future careers."

Senior Secondary education begins in Class XI and lasts until Class XII. The secondary stage is broken into two - two year cycles, generally referred to as Lower Secondary School (Classes 9 & 10) and Senior Secondary School ( Classes 11 & 12). We at Greenwood recognise that the foundation laid during primary and middle level of education assess the growth trajectory for student’s learning and skill level upgradation in later formative years (14-18 yrs.).

Treating each of our students as unique individuals with their own experiences, perspectives and insights; we help them build confidence to face challenges, all the while teaching them values and life skills. Our trained faculty at school provides higher academic level teaching in the interest-specific program & prepares the students for the CBSE Board Exams as well as competitive exams for their bright future. The beginning of secondary education is the base of career-oriented education. We educate students in a productive and growth-oriented environment to uplift their intellectuality. The knowledge, skills and experiences help in career advancements later in the job market by helping our students explore different avenues and possible career choices with expert faculty and facilities guiding them.

The School follows the CBSE curriculum and offers various choices at the Sr. Secondary