Primary Level Education

Primary Level Education (Pre - Nursery to V)

"Laying the foundation for curiosity and learning"

Primary level includes the kindergarten grades where children begin to understand visual, listening and vocal skills . This level is the foundation of a child's knowledge, skills and behavior. In the kindergarten years activities help children unfold their talents, thus enabling them to sharpen their social interaction, physical motor and communication/ language abilities using a curriculum encompassing physical activities, interactions with peers, and basic activities in identifying shapes, colors, pictures and memory games.Through our detailed coursework we encourage our developing minds to take initiative in approaching a challenging academic problem to foster basic values of creative thinking and intellectual ability. Through the culmination of basic knowledge and practical assignments students are taught skills needed to effectively grasp next levels of coursework.

Using the latest digital technologies and coursework specially designed to nurture the proper foundation of early learning stages of a child, we drive to help them become intellectual, responsible and contributing stewards of our shared future. We ensure to provide effective support by integrating concepts with a well-structured activity oriented curriculum, to lay due importance to conceptual understanding through concrete material, Hands -on- activities & Audio-Visual aids.