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Educational System

At Kindergarten, a child's progress is monitored through a continuous & comprehensive assessment system where a child is assessed at different intervals throughout the year.

Each child is observed minutely under various categories. The main motto at Kindergarten is to make our students physically, socially and emotionally strong. We mould our children in developing good reading, listening, writing and comprehending skills as well as recitation skills. Conceptual knowledge is given at kindergarten through Projects & Activities, Creative and exploring abilities.

Record of performance of each child helps to enhance the child's growth and development in right direction.

Evaluation is an important aspect of the process of learning and the school has a comprehensive and Continuous Examination System for classes I-V in order to reducing the stress on them. The assignments and tests ensure a complete recapitulation of knowledge and are designed in a systematic manner. The Primary wing, following the CBSE directives now awards grades as per a given scale, instead of marks.

There are no formal exams up to Class V.

The academic session is divided into two terms, comprising of three rounds of assessments in each term. The assessments for different subjects are held on weekly basis, wherein the student is assessed in the following areas as per schedule:-

  1. Oral Expressions
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Numerical ability
  4. Textual Knowledge
  5. Reading skills
  6. Writing skills
  7. Grammar
  8. Projects & Activities
  9. Recitation
  10. Mental ability

The Continuous and Comprehensive Scheme as devised by the CBSE aims at holistic assessment of the students. This includes evaluation of a learner in both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas (like Life Skills, Attitude and Values, Sports and Games and other Co-Curricular activities) spread over two Terms during an Academic year.

Regular assessment and evaluation of the pupil's comprehension level, forms an integral part of the senior wing schedule also. In its effort to pursue a coherent and effective examination system the school plans to conduct two terminal exams along with regular weekly tests to assess the continuous progress of the students. Progressive Report of the students are maintained through class work, home-assignments and project.

In the senior school, students are trained to acquire organizational and analytical skills and also gain confidence for year end examinations.

In line with our Core Philosophy, the teaching and learning model designed by Greenwood Public School thus aims to:

  • Emphasize a structured learning process, where the teacher facilitates, inspires and imparts a strong practical slant to the entire learning experience
  • Utilize many varied and interactive teaching methods, including cutting-edge technology to stimulate different areas of intelligence. Our children not only realize the need to learn, but actively want to learn
  • Develop social, behavioral and life-skills in each child so that they become fulfilled and highly productive members of society.
  • Make each child responsible for themselves and ready to create a position as a leader in the new economic and social climate.

Examination Scheme

1st Term - April To September
2nd Term - October To March

Our focus is to make the transition between secure home environment and formal schooling interesting, smooth and stress-free for the children. Emphasis is on translating learning can be fun into factual reality, thereby nurturing the child's imagination, creativity and power of expression. The curriculum is child-centric, with due stress on developing basic language skills, phonetic knowledge, conversation ability and activities that are planned according to the needs and abilities of the children. Concrete material and audio-visual aids are used to enhance conceptual understanding with the aim of developing the overall personality of each child.

The school follows the system of comprehensive and continuous assessment right from Class -I onwards with the basic objective of empowering the students with not only accumulating the conceptual understanding but also to use their acquired knowledge in day- today life.
The important aim at this level is on learning of basics and forming a sound foundation which will enable the child to study more complex topics and problems easily. Emphasis is on developing scientific aptitude of children, making them environment friendly and more aware of their surroundings. This will empower their problem solving techniques and equip them to use and apply languages effectively.
The assessments will be held on weekly basis, wherein child's performance in each subject will be assessed through an internal comprehensive and continuous assessment system. 
They shall be assessed for the oral expression, vocabulary, mental ability, projects and activities throughout the week.
Term end evaluation will be the summary of the child's performance throughout the term under above-mentioned areas.
The syllabus and date sheet for assessments shall be intimated via notes in the almanac and posted on school website, well in advance.

The course of studies are based on CBSE guidelines following the CCE scheme, offering formal education in subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Computer and third language (Sanskrit) as per CBSE regulations:

  • From Class VI to VIII, students are required to compulsorily study 3 languages namely : English, Hindi and Sanskrit

The Continuous and Comprehensive Scheme (CCE- explained on pg-13) as devised by the CBSE for Class IX & X, aims at holistic assessment of the students. This includes evaluation of a learner in both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas (like... Life Skills, Attitude & Values, Sports & Games and other Co-Curricular activities) spread over two terms during an academic year.
Each term consists of two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment encompassing variety of activities in each subject.
At the end of each term the child will be judged on the basis of the syllabus covered in the particular term and continuous observation / internal assessment using variety of tools .
Students are required to compulsorily study 2 languages only:
1st Language: Communicative English
2nd Language : Choice between Hindi and Sanskrit (subject to the performance)
In subjects like Science/Maths, the child must secure qualifying marks in theory as well as practical separately.
The performance of student in Problem Solving Assessment (PSA), as conducted by CBSE, will be recorded as FA-4 performance.
The question paper & marking scheme will be based on the CBSE pattern.

The whole year syllabus will be judged for Class XI & XII in the Final Exam in all the subjects as per CBSE instructions. However, during the year, the syllabus is divided into two terms and examination will be conducted at the end of each term. Subsequently, in the final term exam, students will be assessed on the entire syllabus to evaluate not only their conceptual understanding but also on how they can use their acquired knowledge in day- today life ensuring the application and value based learning.
There will be 3 cycles of Unit tests for Class XI & XII. In addition to this Class test & class activities' marks will also be counted in respective terms. All UT's are compulsory and have due weightage in overall performance.
Appearing in both (1st & 2nd) Term exams is compulsory for every student . Missing any of the exam will restrict the student's promotion to the next higher class. 
Internal Assessment & Projects shall be conducted throughout the session on continuous basis and will be recorded in the progress report .
As per new pattern, the Problem solving Assessment (PSA) will be conducted and evaluated by the CBSE for the students. A separate Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of PSA.
A clear pass will require at least 40% marks in each subject.
In all the exams, a student is required to pass separately in theory & in practical.
The Question paper & marking will be based on the pattern of CBSE exam.

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