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Student Mentoring

Sometimes it is very hard to cope with all of the changes that happen in life. If someone has trouble dealing with certain situations or emotions, he might find counseling to be a helpful way of sorting things out. A counselor can help him understand his feelings and problems. Effective counseling makes one skillful to cope with the stresses of day today life.

Counseling can help one to understand his feelings and problems and learn how to deal with them in day to day life.

Counseling helps in dealing with situations like :-

  • sad, frustrated, or lonely.
  • angry, annoyed, or out-of-control
  • anxious, worried, or guilty
  • major problems at home, at school, or in neighborhood
  • changes in the way of sleeping, eating, or thinking and feeling about life
  • hard to talk about these feelings with family or friends
  • these feelings having a bad effect on your life-are they making your school work and your relationships with family and friends hard?

Student Health

Every possible care of each student is taken during school hours and First-Aid is given as and when required. The school conducts medical check-up of each student, at least twice in a year and report in the form of health card is sent to the parent. Equal cooperation of parents in maintaining the health and hygiene of their wards is sought to ensure the well-being and healthy growth of their children. In the interest of the each child, parents are required to disclose any required and medically relevant information about their ward in the "HEALTH FORM". All details must be carefully supplied to the school in case their ward is suffering from any specific aliment.

Guidelines for Parents :

  • All the parents are required to impart health education to their children and ensure that they maintain personal hygiene like trimming nails and hair as an when required.
  • Parents should ensure that their ward : 
    - exercises regularly 
    - takes regular sleep of atleast 8 hours daily 
    - has a balanced and nutritious diet. 
    - avoids regular consumption of junk food / ice cream / cakes etc. 
    - carries water and tiffin daily to school.
  • Immunise your children according to the doctor's prescription. De-worm your child at least once every year.
  • Report the school on time, in case your ward is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease like conjunctivitis, chicken pox, measles, mumps, whooping cough etc. Also restrict your child from coming to school until he/she is completely cured and has observed prescribed quarantine period of before returning to class.
  • Student suffering from chronic diseases like Epilepsy, Heart disease, Asthma etc, are advised to be under continuous medical supervision of a specialised doctor. Their illness must be disclosed to the Principal and respective Class Incharge, along with the treatment being taken.
  • Carefully read all the medical circulars issued by the school, every month.

The key to good health is to eat right,
sleep right, exercise right
and treat each other right

Career Counseling

Career counseling often includes the use of standardized assessment instruments such as the Strong Interest Inventory, the Self-Directed Search, or other instruments designed to clarify (to make clear or easier to understand) career interests, values, personality, or self-identified skills.As a part of the career counseling process, students are made to read about and interview professionals in effective workshops conducted in the school premises.

We aim to increasingly using the internet as a vehicle for counseling, outreach, training, and collaboration. As counseling, it is important that we let each student know about our efforts. The latest information about the desired options is made available to the needy students through regular access to the related links in various useful website for career options. This ever-expanding directory contains information on different internet resources set up by counseling centers, and how to access them directly from our computer.

Student Council

 “Education should consist of a series of enchantments, each raising the individual to a higher level of awareness, understanding and kinship with all living things.”

The new academic year ushered in the formation of a new senate. With interests that extend across every field of human endeavor, the senate plays a pivotal role in the working of the school administration. The Senate has students that are both elected and selected; through voting, panel discussions and rigorous interviews. They prepared to throw on the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school and promised to disburse their duties and errands in the most proactive and diligent manner.

Aditya Raj Sinha
Head Boy
Head Girl
Anmol Rattan
Vice Head Boy
Laiba Khan
Vice Head Girl
Siddharth Yadav
Sports Captain
Jyoti Bhardwaj
Cultural Representative
Discipline Incharge
Nidhi Choudhary
Editorial Incharge
Sujit S. Kale
Technology Prefect
Amit Kumar
House Captain
Prachi Tyagi
House Captain
Chakita Bothra
House Captain
Kashish Garg
House Captain
Sahil Gandass
House Prefect
Chirag Yadav
House Prefect
Lavanya Verma
House Prefect
Palak Chaudhary
House Prefect